I farted on people, then ran away! Buy Pooters here:

10 Responses to “FART AND RUN!”

  1. l337z0r says:

    I love black people reactions

  2. viethomies smith says:

    straight up!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Laughed so hard at this lol

  4. colton lgijeoarigjoeij says:

    Dude i saw jack vale down at florda at the beach

  5. MrMattFinch says:

    Farts n furious 2 please ;D

  6. leguespk says:

    1:14 WTF Glenn from walking dead???

  7. Larisa McDaniels says:

    hi jack i am really big fan of yours i love your vidios i wished that i could get one of your pooters but i don’t have any money to get one sorry i just wanted to say hi and that i am a big fan of yours

  8. This should have 1 million views! 🙂

  9. tiggersrevenge says:

    You trying to get this man killed?

  10. bob ortan says:

    FART U

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