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10 Responses to “Fake Police Officer Tricks Drivers – Just Kidding Prank”

  1. Rahaf Raba says:


  2. KazmoRocket says:

    Is this the little kid from other video? He looks a lot bigger here.

  3. TheTopStriker says:

    The look at their faces haha

  4. Noctis Bezarius says:

    0:45 ♥

  5. aleka1sofia says:

    thus is really fynny

  6. Jadendueler says:

    All 2,828 are on the playlist…what more do you want? o.o That should last you…a while…

  7. RenaissanceSeeker1 says:

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  8. Givemethat HANDY says:

    Promised my self, last video.

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  10. jesussaves7777 says:

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