There’s a warrant out for Billy’s arrest and some bounty hunters are out to find him, but he smoked some meth and led them on a wild chase in the woods.
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9 Responses to “Escaped Convict vs. Bounty Hunter (Manhunt in the Woods)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad! Welcome back for this weeks video 😀 Messing with some actual bounty hunters was pretty wild, hope you guys dig the comedy. Remember to hit SUBSCRIBE if you’re new, and share the vid on social media! Instagram –

    • Ownage Pranks more of billy please lol

    • jimmyk127 says:

      can have juanito back in a prank its been a while since Ashley

    • Jake Theriault says:

      Hey Ownage! I got an excellent idea for a call you can make to prank my landlord/ family friend, its a hilarious idea to make light of a situation thats happened between him and a neighboring police department. Before i got into the juicy juicy of the idea reach out and message me and hopefully we can collab on this great prank vid idea!
      Looking forward to your response! Love the vids man!

    • Triplex VII says:

      Great prank! I live the ones featuring Billy!

  2. Krivi Shrihan Panidepu says:

    Wet willy is aerodynamic

  3. Kellye Raiborn says:

    I like this girl, you know she’s just cracking up inside. She took it really well. She was a trooper.

  4. Luis Rangel512 says:

    that was Awsome!!! don diddaly do daaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

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