The kids’ Easter baskets weren’t what they expected this year. Watch the extended version on Vale Family!

5 Responses to “Easter Basket APRIL FOOLS Prank on Kids!”

  1. California Dreaming says:

    I almost passed out laughing ” better be grateful! You got an ink cartridge. Jack I didn’t know that you had two younger children! Love your videos and much success!

  2. MrDulvalius69 says:

    Kids on both ends look a little old for easter baskets.

  3. 😆 hahaha 😂 😂You guys are great!! We did a Christmas prank on our kids, when they were young in the 90’s….. we just wrapped up blocks of wood and tossed them in the fire place …. then we’d wrap up old stuff from around the house and mine were amazingly very happy to get it too!! Always so happy.😇 of course I’d give out real presents afterwards though!
    This was cute! Such a beautiful family 😍😊💕👍

  4. Kyle Beats says:

    Picture hangers lol

  5. Ha Ha.

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