People get pulled over for a breathalyzer test, but the device doesn’t work. The cop gets his partner, who’s drinking beer and drunk out of his mind, to help…

10 Responses to “Drunk Police Officer Prank – Throwback Thursday”

  1. Wooden Tool Man says:

    That’s so funny. Good way to start the day!

  2. Masoud Alshebibi says:

    Really funny stuff. My opinion gags is the best pranks so far . 

  3. XxDragonkillerxX says:

    I wish the pranks was real and not fake.

  4. LaughINhalf says:

    I laugh so hard at this channel’s pranks! I also do pranks! Check mine out
    and if ya laugh, subscribe!

  5. Pandora`s Locket says:

    Their faces…’this is very strange!’

  6. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    Who wants to party with these guys? WE DO! 

  7. XxYoDadaxX says:

    LOL, that was awesome

  8. Sinkatze says:

    More reactions please :D

  9. Talff trio says:

    Yes some throwback 

  10. Matt Watkinson says:

    I love this channel, its so entertaining!

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