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8 Responses to “Dropping Fake Eggs On People | JStuStudios”

  1. Public Prank says:

    Subscribe for more pranks! Who’s got their notifications turned on?

  2. This is not “Dropping Fake Eggs On People” thi is “Falling randomly arround people that don’t even realize what the hell is happening” please change the way you
    prank people because those aren’t pranks!! the only prank that is good in this video is ONLY the first one, when the girl saw your eggs before you drop them and she was so scared for herself and the broken eggs on her! that’s the only prank on this video that I can say is call “Dropping Fake Eggs On People” because you don’t interact with people, just throw some balls on they tables, you don’t give them the time to see the eggs before you drop them to the people(as the first one I mentioned before)… and i’m speaking for a lot of your videos,the ideas are good but not the performance, i’m not a hater I’m trying to help you because I follow you since 2012 I guess, and by now, your pranks aren’t what the tittle says and they are not even clickbaiting lmao and this is even worst! lol well I hope you follow my advices because i’m pretty sure that a lot of people think the same way as me. Have a nice day! 😉

  3. skulledmonte84 says:

    1:04 god dam she’s hottttt

  4. Ace Spade says:


  5. skrrt skrrt says:

    holy shit this was awful

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