SURVEY: VLOG/MUSIC CHANNEL: I basically wanted to make this Draw My Life video just to really share …

10 Responses to “Draw My Life (Public Prank)”

  1. OrioCraft says:

    you have a great mom dude.

  2. Emerald Hills says:

    I Hope you can make it to tv and i wish you Good Luck Thats all i can say

  3. SimplyGames4Life says:

    I think im gonna be on youtube! My parnets split up!

  4. koolboyameer says:


  5. ArmadilloRiot says:

    faggot this nigga went thru barely shit compared to other people. why dont you donate to starving kids in Africa or the people born paralyzed with AIDS

  6. killerdude909 says:

    the thumbnail looks like a feet

  7. RedFlamezGamming says:

    why does everybody that does a draw my life have divorced parents?

  8. payton roland says:

    My parents slit up im now a youtube star l

  9. MEpianist says:

    respect, buddy boy

  10. xxTheSnDGuyxx says:

    Armidillo stfu you faggot wtf did you go through

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