Disturbing public pt.3 (BigDawsTv) (Feat. ShopliftFilms)

10 Responses to “Disturbing the public pt.3 (Feat. ShopliftFilms)”

  1. MuddyRawwr says:

    Oh shit.

  2. AncientMeow14 says:

    i cant believe i just found these guys today!! vitaly, jack vale, jstu, those guys are well known. why aren’t these guys?? haha amazing! deserve more views and subscribes!

  3. don kaspersky says:

    you shouldve had a guy walking around with a boombox playing gostbusters

  4. thorntonlindsey1212 says:

    the escalator tho!!! I’m weak! Phahaha

  5. BigDawsTv says:

    Thanks dude i appreciate all the comments, keep them coming!

  6. MrNucleus says:

    that last one was nice ahahahaa

  7. MuddyRawwr says:

    Do more with the escalator!

  8. Rody Augustin says:

    officer homie

  9. Ronald Medrano says:

    haha lmao.!

  10. its pretty good i agree, but it still cant compare to vitaly!

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