This dinosaur puzzle comes to life and scares people, jurassic style! An official presentation…

10 Responses to “Dinosaur Puzzle Hatches”

  1. Astat sf says:

    The children badly need some fresh ideas

  2. Harutyun Adamyan says:

    The kid is afraiding too 🙂

  3. HeyoChris says:

    Getting tired of those fake screams…… lol

  4. bjoern60 says:

    yeah same to meh chris…

  5. gamer3928 says:

    Those animal noises you are assigning to the humans are annoying.

  6. mann2220 says:


  7. YuneShik says:

    not a pedo but that little boy was too cute i gave this vid a like

  8. AryaPutraSRJ says:

    humpty dumpty

  9. daveman11q says:

    just saying, Just For Laughs Gags is much better because the children they use in these vids just piss me off for some reason

  10. ronald lopez says:

    0:44 lol

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