This little pug innocently sits in its cage when a bully comes along and starts playing with i…

10 Responses to “Detachable Tongue”

  1. Jojo Agil says:


  2. Tgeamer says:

    Did you know we live in a planet?

  3. Shu Fei Wu says:

    Yes of course we know that! We are not that stupid!

  4. 0ZPLATINUMZ0 says:

    0:03 close enough.. xD

  5. qwerz222 says:

    Haha epic old womans trying to hit the boy

  6. Joeenglish98 says:

    Please remove yourself from this planet.

  7. maranatha5800 says:

    Nice. 7/10

  8. GarsenSpanius says:

    people are stupid

  9. startreking2007 says:


  10. jojobadr2010 says:


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