I called up a kebab shop in Denmark as Abdo to complain about their food. The guys there ended up being insanely hilarious, check out how things go down.

Car Shipping MELTDOWN Prank (animated) –

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5 Responses to “Danish Kebab Shop Craziness (Prank Gone Wrong) – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ryan rosenberg says:

    But which kebab shop did you call? I mean we have tons of them here in

  2. Kalak Nuann says:

    sygt nok at han kunne genkende stemmen så hurtigt 😂 but what are the
    odds?? 😲

  3. KETAN RAMTEKE says:

    Like a same boody

  4. Donjan khan says:

    Awesome brother

  5. Denmark is the best country in the whole world period.

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