One of the meanest prank setup you can fall in on your way to work..! As good samaritains are waiting in line for their daily dose of caffeine, “Lost Tourists” stop by to ask for directions.

In the meantime, a line of 20 impatient strangers cut the coffee shop line , which leaves our poor victims last of the bunch, begging for an explanation.

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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5 Responses to “Cutting The Line Prank (VICTIMS GET IMPATIENT)”

  1. Wait a minute…If the cop doesn’t ask for ID or the person’s name and address, and the car is not registered to the person behind the wheel, how is the city going to collect the money for the ticket?

  2. mark lacisxx says:

    She looks familiar 0:58

  3. Krishna Sharma says:


  4. karan bhat says:

    love it

  5. LMAO 😂

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