I went to a college campus dressed up in my realistic old man silicone mask / costume and started chatting it up with random students, many of them didn’t wa…

10 Responses to “Creepy Old Man on Campus Prank”

  1. kaebbie says:

    like a some booday xD

  2. ItzSlamDuncan says:

    More like awkward old man!

  3. kathironline says:

    “This kid looks golden” – Knowing your targets. You definitely are a Creep on the Prowl man.

  4. rafiqputera says:

    he can change his voice, he is amazing

  5. volcanosong1234 says:

    I think he means the character

  6. Jennifer Vasquez says:

    Lmao…. Omg

  7. Darkhunter218 says:

    Which college is this at?

  8. manmancool67 says:

    Yeah you’re kinda f*cking dumb dude. And Roy is a terrible name.

  9. Niall16lennoN says:

    why did seow yew get a face blur?

  10. Shadowolf7 says:

    4:32 omg its Kassem G!!
    youtube com/user/KassemG

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