These scammers in India claim to be with Microsoft Tech Support, they’re incredibly heartless and repeatedly steal money from innocent people, check out the insanity that goes down when they speak to me and my two ‘friends’. Subscribe to catch my future videos!

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10 Responses to “Crazy Indian Microsoft Scammer Loses his Mind – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Happy Sunday #OPCREW! Where the notification squad at? 🙂 These scammers are f’ing NUTS, all the ‘goat’ conversations were super hilarious, hope you guys dig the insanity. Don’t forget to share this video on social media! Believe it or not, these kinds of scams are still super common, and a lot of people don’t even realize they exist. Also, if you wanna send in a personal prank request, do so here!

    • badguyINC says:

      Ownage Pranks FULL PRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Superbro mario says:

      Ownage Pranks my grandfather got scammed by these guys

    • Max Bartholic says:

      problem with that a lot of times they use other peoples numbers :/ fucked up mane

    • JohnPrado100 says:

      Yo Russell, if you referenced your other”adventures” (of/as your other “personalities”) When you do the reveals- I think it would be a lot more funny for both us the viewers and the prank-e.Think about it! Cheers

    • GravekeepersMonk says:

      Someone’s already done this exact prank but with pig sounds. You even used the same exact story as to why the sounds were there.(don’t remember the channel name but he said he was working on a larger project but never returned) I’m not saying you copy but………
      Just tried to find it again as it was pretty funny and I think the whole channel may have vanished.

  2. Alejandro loayza says:

    full prankkkkk

  3. Alejandro loayza says:

    put the full video

  4. Magtech Blue says:

    Thank you so much for exposing these scammers. I got a call from the IRS and they said they were the federal government. So I asked him who the president was and they didn’t know. What a bunch of dumb asses.

  5. Owen Svevar says:

    1 sub and I will kms

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