What, you’ve never had to help a dude in handcuffs pee before? We thought the tongs were a classy touch! Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!:

10 Responses to “Crazy Cop Tugs at Convict’s Wiener”

  1. darkness2121 says:

    wtf, why is that man sniff the tong?

  2. PrankandSpank says:

    I wonder if the convicts wiener gave some extra flavour on the tongs for
    the hot dogs? 😉 

  3. Gideon Okwanyo says:

    I’ve watched this repeatedly like 10 times and i still laugh. I just wonder
    how such an idea came to someone’s mind. Very funny.

  4. Rajbir Dhadda says:


  5. UPlayNetwork says:

    That man is crazy he sniffed the tong, great prank btw

  6. XxDragonkillerxX says:

    Too bad all of these pranks are fake. Please prank normal people instead of
    these actors that you can find in numerous of other episodes….

  7. Marc The Geek says:

    Nice prank of the day, lol

    Crazy Cop Tugs at Convict’s Wiener: http://youtu.be/i_3puNPsFwg

  8. Cris Capilayan says:

    I get now the logic… the convict wants to urinate… then the cop uses
    the tong to make him urinate properly. heehehhehhahhahaha!

  9. Just For Laughs Gags says:

    If you’re headed to a cookout tonight, we are SO sorry you had to see this.
    Wait, no we’re not.

  10. This made me smile in the face *XD*

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