This guy posted an ad saying he would play folk music for parties of young women… but also remove all of his clothes. The interaction I had with this guy over the course of two weeks was absolutely crazy. Subscribe –
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9 Responses to “Crazy Asian Sorority Party – Ownage Pranks”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad! Been amped to post this video, soooo many hilarious moments. Let me know what your fav part is in the comments, and don’t forget to show the video some love by dropping a Like on it! If you want to catch my live streams on YouTube, hit the bell notification when you subscribe! I’m going to be going live again some time this week

  2. Talooka says:

    This wasn’t hilarious but it was by far extremely interesting omg 😂😂

  3. Greg Merrell says:

    i work on a farm and i want you to prank my boss john micheal we milk cows so u woulf need to x
    call him on tje weekend i want you to prank hime saying he is being fired from his well paying job at select sires a cow insimination company for kiling a customers cow when he inciminated it tel him that the cows he killed was a exspensive swiss breed cow and he wil be sued for the killing of an exspensive swiss breed cow i can provide u a phone number if needed or u can ask for my email and we can prank him and hes smart so it will take alot to prank him make sure u use the hilbilly voice

  4. I saw this onya livestream

  5. Michael Blount says:

    is Russell your real voice?

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