The girl scout is giving a CPR demonstration but when people start pumping the heart, the dumm…

10 Responses to “CPR Explodes Eyeballs Prank!”

  1. Rogelianaful says:

    Esta bueno esto entren ->\mWVBr

  2. Cindy Nguyen says:

    the girl gets pranked at 0:44 and still gets scared in the back ground as it happens to someone else at 0:49…

  3. ICEMANof92 says:

    Ok I know it’s meant to be funny, and it is but…as an EMT I can’t help myself…can you at least teach them to do CPR with their arms straight? Sorry…had to.

  4. Mark Robins says:

    How funny it would be if it ejaculated (in JFL adults) Lol..

  5. Levi Beck says:

    They sound like dogs.

  6. clounada2 says:


  7. Muhammad Mabrur says:

    her name please 😀

  8. River Do says:


  9. Mustafa Ali ÖZEL says:

    1:04 Is she a meerkat?

  10. egueinein says:


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