This milk must be really fresh! When adults go to pour it, a long tail pops out of the spout a…

10 Responses to “Cow Milk Wags its Tail”

  1. Derrick Dedrrick says:


  2. They think its something black, long and hairy LOL 😉

  3. ronald lopez says:


  4. Reena Corpuz says:

    Do you have a video of Brandon doing a prank at the mall, t’was like he’s sitting in a yellow bench and it turned into a car? Please upload it, Brandon was really cute there.

  5. יוסי סיגלר says:


  6. Christy Truong says:


  7. jasmingivesvideos says:

    0:57 lol

  8. oooo Bruce Lee got fat !

  9. nightsky366 says:

    It looks like an alien’s penis rather than a cow’s tail.

  10. shooja3 says:

    0:45 muslim girl

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