Tyrone and his wife Rangaha (Buk Lau) complain to Costco about a hand-slapping incident while piggin’ out on free samples. Like and share the video if it mak…

10 Responses to “Costco Free Samples Prank”

  1. laura reya says:

    i wanted buk lau

  2. alex trujillo says:

    you should call forever 21. they are rude. i called just to tell them a joke, i called at least 10 different locations and one tries transferring my to the crisis hotline… (suicide)

  3. Ken Reed says:

    “can yall cut down on da background noise its gone fuck up muh youtube recordin” LOL

  4. I’m wondering whether she heard the sound effect of the slap behind… x)

  5. litleize says:

    *Satellite radio station*
    I died in laugh!

  6. matt osbourne says:

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  7. Maddie Statham says:


  8. VanillaSnake21 says:

    Him telling the person it’s a prank and they’re on a radio show is a prank of itself, most people freak out and just hang up

  9. Fataltyler08 says:

    Cheez and cracka department!

  10. Vincenzo Merchant -Cook says:

    becky look at her butt tunechi

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