You’re about to hear the most BEAUTIFUL Christmas song ever sung. Don’t like it? Well, keep your mouth shut or we’ll DOUBLE your fine!

10 Responses to “Cops Sing Xmas – Gagstravaganza Day 19”

  1. Alastor Allocen says:

    Great gag, the best part is how obviously awkward the victims feel, right
    until it turns to outrage when given a ticket even though it was the police
    who stopped them. Although I have to admit I have almost as much fun
    reading the comments below as actually watching the video. Keep it up, JFL.

  2. Christian Rispler says:


  3. Jemi-To Shumafuk says:

    Where is the snow?!

  4. StickMan World says:

    OMG! and Just like that I would had ran them over… Lol

  5. You can tell they are fake Police because they are older and fun, the real
    ones are young and think they are the shit

  6. PrankandSpank says:

    The people should have “dashed” right away to prevent getting a ticket. =p

  7. Duh Enlightened One says:

    This was a very dangerous prank… The fact that they were using an old
    1980s boombox is very risky because the old wires and circuitry could have
    caused spark and ignited the fuel tank of any of the cars.

  8. Prank Files says:

    Those cops should make there own music video!!

  9. UPlayNetwork says:


  10. Neutrino H says:

    I must say I would laugh with anger after they give me a ticket. 

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