The cop pulls people over and asks them to lift their hood. When he slams it shut, he screams …

10 Responses to “Cop’s “Little Buddy” Caught in Hood”

  1. NathanielAndFrank says:

    That is so wrong

  2. steff rivera says:

    Excelente jaja

  3. uechiblu3000 says:

    I bet if the one lady’s boob were trapped, she would’ve been pissed if he were standing back laughing it up while she was in distress. lol That’s wrong.

  4. Julie Downey says:

    If I were one of the girls……….. -_-

  5. Mohammed svoi says:

    انا عربي

  6. Roanemity says:

    I love how only the guys are trying to help out and the women are just laughing their asses off XD. (They know the pain.)

  7. NathanielAndFrank says:

    His little buddy?!

  8. RandomRamzy says:

    I like how all the guys tried to help instead of laughing. We understand how painful it can be.

  9. Brooke Dent says:

    I never actually realized how wrong these pranks actually are

  10. Talvytard says:

    Only men understand

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