Two cops decide to play a quick game of football. One of the cops misses his kick, and hits th…

10 Responses to “Cop Plays Football and Gets Kicked in the Nuts”

  1. Steltulon says:

    where can i download´╗┐ the scream-sounds? ­čśÇ

  2. bailie2002 says:

    it isn’t called football its´╗┐ called rugby football is where you kick a ball into a net

  3. ExtremeNoLifer says:

    it’s from both Avernum and Geneforge series, used for when male characters´╗┐ die.

  4. yudisley mtnz says:


  5. The photo is the point. Wowowo you know it.´╗┐

  6. well the americans´╗┐ also play american football so they call it football haha, i hope you understand

  7. TIMON Luca says:

    XD soo amazing lol´╗┐

  8. artman40 says:

    These stock´╗┐ screams are as commonly used as Wilhelm scream and Howie scream.

  9. trancelistic says:

    ah´╗┐ ok:)

  10. Dorian Metzler says:

    Another good idea:´╗┐ “Cop plays football while crime is happening.” (Obviously, the crime wouldn’t be real)

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