Prank your friends with a hand farter: The cop climbs a fence to get a los…

10 Responses to “Cop Loses His Pants Climbing Over Fence!”

  1. myawkwardproductions says:

    Hahaha check out my awkward hugging video too!! ;p

  2. Tonee Rhian Rose says:

    Haha! XD

  3. Abdullah Alzuwayed says:

    It’s double sarcasm you!

  4. madfreakinc1 says:

    lolol you really mad now i give you full permission to come find me 🙂 goodluck angry person

  5. fred smith says:

    That was hilarious!

  6. madfreakinc1 says:

    you need serious help

  7. kipdevoh says:

    i wouldnt say that if i was you, i can track u down if u want u fucking piece of shit

  8. madfreakinc1 says:

    I guess you are intelligent for noticing unlike yesalien and the 112 people who liked his comment hahahaha

  9. madfreakinc1 says:

    LOL i can say the same for you

  10. Santiago De Ochoa Gzz says:

    1:28 JAJAJAJA the best lml

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