People are asked to serve the chicken pie to the kids, but when they dig in a chicken pops out…

10 Responses to “Clucking Chicken Pot Pie”

  1. 恭 村 says:


  2. 0ZPLATINUMZ0 says:

    So fresh..

  3. Gopinath Guna says:

    good try ..

  4. Perpertumobile says:


  5. earlobelobe says:

    no wonder they didn’t include that boy at the table in most of the shots. he didnt even know how to laugh

  6. Chey Coz says:

    -_- that waste my time it boring!

  7. BelleLabanta says:


  8. 3756joey says:

    What happens when you run out of pranks?

  9. avaoriordan999 says:


  10. Reena Corpuz says:

    Do you have a video of Brandon doing a prank at the mall, t’was like he’s sitting in a yellow bench and it turned into a car? Please upload it, Brandon was really cute there.

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