I fooled Jesse once again during the holidays! A few days after we exchanged our Christmas gifts, I received a couple more gifts in the mail that I told him …

10 Responses to “CHRISTMAS PRESENT PRANK 2012 – PrankvsPrank”

  1. Dannielle Ybiernas says:

    @marioparedes he actually got it tge next day after this he got it

  2. 8theanimegirl8 says:

    She’s so sweet to still buy him one c: Team Jeana!

  3. mario paredes says:

    poor jesse it looks like he rlly wants it and she shud get it for him this yeer but for reel this time

  4. Terrence Vu says:

    You guys should do it again this year

  5. MultiKimimaro says:


  6. lilrahi1 says:

    But always be grateful you have parents….

  7. eric nguyen says:

    there should have been one more box just for the troll lol

  8. Hannah Brown says:


  9. abr3acadabra says:

    He really acted like a child on Christmas 🙂

  10. evildeathbloody says:

    I Wonder…did Jesse have a job?

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