Something smells fishy! These people somehow don’t get suspicious even whwen asked to put a ja…

10 Responses to “Caviar Hatches in Microwave”

  1. Zen Leonor says:


  2. Capichino55 says:

    And the person could be on their phone recording moving in, that’s why it’s moving.
    Also, everyone check out

  3. earlobelobe says:

    y black ppl have the worst reactions?

  4. iM7MADKSAzZ says:

    You don’t no anything about Islam sooo close your mouth if you don’t know

  5. iM7MADKSAzZ says:

    50:00 death stare hahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaah 😀

  6. Just Kidding Pranks says:

    Not fake. There are 2 cameras on set with two cameramen. They are hidden in booths that look like information booths that are closed. The victims need to do an action at a precise spot (in this case near the microwave) that is how we know that is where the action will happen. When the victim moves, the cameras have zoom buttons that allows to zoom in or out on the victim without even moving the camera! Crazy stuff right!

  7. ValarMorgoth says:

    0:49 me too

  8. sameyieyir says:

    keep your mouth closed ……

    if you not even know anything about islam

    islam is peace …. the people who do not understand it clearly those whose make

    islam looks bad

  9. junitmartin says:

    Y do white ppl have the stupidest screams and reactions?

  10. PokeTacoz says:

    0:37-0:43 first time I see my own kind scare of fish .-.

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