I wanted to call some fans today 🙂 I will see you at Big Shakes Hot Chicken in Franklin, TN. 1203 Murfreesboro Rd.

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  1. heymisterderp says:

    Cash, Superman and Elvis. Three things that go well together if you’re in Tennessee.

    Jack still explaining what the pooter is in 2018. Well essentially it’s just a noise maker, it makes farting noises. Yep that’s basically why I created it. See me and a few friends of mine, some engineering buddies from back in the day, were sitting around the Denny’s one morning and we were all wondering that if we were going to make a fart maker what it would look like. We wanted no bright colors that might give it away, small enough to keep it in a pocket, but dynamic enough to produce a wide range of different farts.

  2. hooliodevil6996 says:

    Jack vale I bought 2 pooters about 4 years ago and they broke within 2 weeks, I was very dissapointed about this because I love all your videos! Congratulations on the move to Nashville Tennessee!

  3. “within reason” hahahahaha 😂 😂 😂

  4. Sam Maggard says:

    Picture is good, sound has static and is muffled

  5. I just bought the pooter!!

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