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10 Responses to “Buk Lau RAP Update #2 – Live Stream Announcement”

  1. crispymarshmellows says:

    Who is that character on the far right? With white shirt and black jacket
    and glasses, can you prank with him so I can know who he is? xD

  2. Ownage Pranks says:

    Back with another one! Many laughs were had as these lyrics were written
    and recorded, if you guys enjoy it lemme know by smashin’ dat Like button

  3. Can someone send me money via PayPal so I can buy one please? I’m poor as
    hell. :(

  4. he needs to have a British character


    No offense, but a Chinese rapper is not cool, especially if you use that
    persona over and over again.

  6. All New Episodes says:

    Well, there goes the comments everyone is saying “Eat a dick” lol

  7. Ownage Pranks says:

    Thanks for all the love in the comments! What characters do you want to see
    in a future rap? 😀 I just got off the phone with the shirt company and
    they said the shirts won’t begin being printed/shipped until Tuesday
    (because of the Memorial Day weekend), they offered to extend the campaign
    by a day.. should I do it?! I’m torn, but it would give more people a
    chance to grab a T while they’re still around (and join the upcoming live
    stream) Edit: Extended by 24 hours for any last minute orders!

  8. I wonder what he actually looks like. I don’t know what but I picture him
    to be a lot like Russel peters, his personality reminds me of him.

  9. Richard Agadjanian says:

    please don’t make these anymore…

  10. Bryan Cardona says:

    dam…i wish i wasn’t broke…

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