A photographer asks passersby to throw confetti for a wedding picture. The bride and groom’s d…

12 Responses to “Bride and Groom Get Splashed”

  1. Miguel Crosby says:


  2. what!? Is it fake? I thought it was a real accident! Wasn’t it a real wedding? o_O But they all accidently threw the water. Funny enough they cought it on camera so they could upload it.

  3. NocturalRyte says:

    Can I marry Nadja too?

  4. KivorkTv says:

    PLEASE search: “I EAT TIDE PRANK” <4Kviews sub if you like!

  5. 101CoolAlexander says:

    I’m Asian and I find this music very amusing

  6. Corruptedd says:

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  7. Masud Rintu says:

    why they do not noticed that water came from another angle…?

  8. Tyrone Omarian says:

    You aren’t in the position to criticize, *no, you’re ignorant*

  9. Mirian Miralda says:

    You are not the only one.

  10. snowy20001 says:


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