Free Netflix at A saleswoman asks people to pin a tag on a mannequin. However, the mannequin is actually a real person, and he doesn’…

10 Responses to “Bleeding Mannequin”

  1. Md Khairul says:

    @beni daman…u belive in ur god we belive our god…don be so rude n judge our religion…

  2. zack binjai says:

    u black!

  3. You qing says:

    a video about gags and ppl are having a war on religion.not even a single link ro religion in this video… *facepalm*

  4. Beni Daman says:

    so i was right, prophet muhammad was black

  5. Beni Daman says:

    of course not suger

  6. Beni Daman says:

    prophet muhammad was black

  7. xDisRazyboix says:

    Wow dude, racist much?

  8. Anitakumari20 says:

    Remember also, Canada is beautiful , but member of ”Nato” bombing on lybian childrens.

  9. max payne says:

    The Prophet said in the Last Sermon
    (( there is no difference between black and white and Arabs and non-Arabs except by the level of piety ))

  10. max payne says:

    Amazing Prophecies about The prophet muhammed In The bible (2013)

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