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10 Responses to “BEST QR CODE PRANK”

  1. ToxicIsPoison says:

    I would be pissed that I was that close to winning but at the same time be
    psyched for the guy that did win. 

  2. CupojoePro says:

    Kerbal Space Program music!

  3. FantasticNinjaMc -{ The Ninja }- ! says:

    if i let them go in frotn of me and win i will be piss off and im goign to
    rage quit

  4. Rogers Sweater says:

    Is that Nathan Kress from iCarly?

  5. poopmaster13 says:

    People in our culture are mostly selfish and obsessed with money, so of
    course most people are going to get butthurt that someone else “won” and
    they thought they could have.

  6. Theodor Donnis says:

    I’m so gangsta i took a shit on a shark

  7. GameClassicVibes says:

    I would be really mad!!

  8. Joshua Garza says:

    He kinda looked like Freddie from icarly 

  9. It’s liking giving someone a lottery ticket and they win off that ticket.

  10. shaman omk says:


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