Celebrating pride with the best gay pranks! #ProudToLove Gay Police Officers Prank –

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  1. dubdubhate says:

    I’m not gay, but I still found this fucking hilarious. My girlfriend is bi-sexual and I respect her nonetheless. Love who you wanna love and don’t let anyone take that away from you. Gay rights AKA love rights. Respect.

  2. Midnight1071 says:

    No offense to you if your religious or what-not, and I really don’t want to start a comment war, but I think that everyone deserves to do what they want. I mean, think of it like this. In Afghanistan or Israel girls aren’t allowed to go to school. Say a girl broke the law and went anyway because she has a right to make her decisions, despite what others think. She would break the law for her rights to be human. Thats what gay and lesbian couples are doing. getting their rights to be human

  3. I totally understand where you’re coming from, everyone has a right to be educated. In regards to gay people, they have a right to be human too, but as a human they have a responsibility, wether they see this responsibility as their responsibility is besides the point and that is to procreate. They want their human right they also have to take on board their human responsibility. A line has to be drawn and they can’t be married.

  4. crazyjackc says:

    So your implying that homosexual couples shouldn’t exists because “they don’t make sense”?

  5. myjnolasco says:


  6. Wedding is a tradition between man and woman, who leads, who gives away who, who throws the bucay, it wouldn’t even be a wedding. Family unit is a team unit, who’ll be leader, god forbid, if they adopt who does the kid look up to as a father figure, a prime example of what he should follow in life. Marriage and life isn’t just about “love”.

  7. I’ve met some cool gay people and I’ve met some nasty ones too, that’s besides the point. Family unit is based on love – constant and unchanging flow of affinity and affection – but it also has a structure and a goal, gay couples can’t provide the latter, therefore it’ll never be a family unit, wether they get an ok from the government or not.

  8. JustShuumy says:


  9. Brittany Haas says:

    Nature did intend heterosexuality to exist, but guess what? Men are attracted to men. And women are attracted to women. It’s not like homosexuality has just evolved, it has existed ever since heterosexuality has. All homosexuality means is that two of the same “kind” are attracted to one another. It shouldn’t be a huge political/earth population debate. If a woman finds love in another woman, they don’t hurt anyone – do they?

  10. Yeah, they’re hurting mankind. Mother Nature has given them a gift and that’s to create another human being and their nulling it.

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