Mascots, what are they good for? They entertain us at sporting events and amusement parks. The…

10 Responses to “Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Mascots”

  1. hmo0dy159 says:

    يآلله حيه وآخيرآ حصلت وآحد عربي هنآ

  2. Jay Yeung says:

    its cuz it’s canada

  3. 1927DynamoKiev says:

    5:07 lucky kid!

  4. Nadia Chowdhory says:


  5. Yousif Nader says:


  6. andres fros says:


  7. c0dENerdz says:

    5:10 i would have a boner instead of that kid !!!

  8. alawi4563 says:


  9. retroclipps says:

    The girl in the white pants is hot.

  10. beretmp15 says:

    I was gonna say same thing lol

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