Most dads are heros, but we’re celebrating zeros! Daddy Dearest features these pranks: Careles…

10 Responses to “Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Fathers”

  1. Kaloiqn Xristov says:

    CUM SHOT! :D:D:D

  2. hero 108 says:

    JFL is fake it uses Actors NOT real People…!!!
    just watch this video in the search bar..!
    ”mime hits invisible wall video” by JFL
    the guy at 0:40 was also pranked in
    watch?v=sjDjlDhzHB0 0:35
    watch?v=G_JWmtVBSFc 0:28
    wtf JFL
    and also watch the upload dates of the videos he is pranked three times by JFL in a same week..????? proved that JFL is fake…!

  3. Serena Gosmos says:

    the baby pranks were kinda sad.

  4. MrVidification says:

    haha last one thought he was having an affair!

  5. raghunandan sharma says:

    wow , very funny

  6. UgandanMuyaye says:

    Lol, this is awesome : )
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  7. Stephen Lam says:

    some of them i have seen them many times in different videos , some are fakes

  8. Ivana Parti says:

    Or in Canada, atleast.

  9. ameersalamehas says:

    OMG!!! hilarious.

  10. Busybeelaine says:

    the last one was so sweet!

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