Wow! These car pranks gave us such incredible reactions! Car Crushed In a Cube Badass Grandpa …

10 Responses to “Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Crazy Car Pranks”

  1. kwahlman says:

    Go back to school, learn to read then read the title “Best Of Just For Laughs Gags”. If you still don’t understand it… then I will feel sad for you.

  2. StevenHolmRobert says:

    @rs7mn123 You stupid idiot of course this fake do you even know what a fucking prank is

  3. Angga Bilal says:

    the beeesssst…, praaank… wkwkwk lol

  4. RoseMell Violet says:

    4:33 Oh shit.

  5. rs7m123 says:


  6. Aswin Thomas Mathew says:

    Guess these car pranks are the most expensive ones for JFL.

  7. Muddles178 says:

    You guys make my day all the time.

  8. Chacko Mathew says:

    Wear only panty

  9. Aleczis Aries says:


  10. THRILLERMJ says:

    lol the guy at the end ran very fast

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