Best of Jesus? Again? Indeed. It is Sunday, after all. Enjoy some classic religion-based prank…

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  1. TJOstrowski says:

    No god did not write the bible, either in christianity or reality.

  2. Van Hellsing says:

    oh then i was wrong this whole time for criticizing him as a bad author

  3. Van Hellsing says:

    People carry the cross because it is where Jesus died upon, so the cross literally has no meaning if Jesus has not died on it yet, it would be just a crossed stick. The fact he is carrying it funny. lol

  4. Van Hellsing says:

    well i don’t know about all that “the second coming of Jesus” stuff but it is still funnythat he would carry his own cross. It is like God carrying or reading the bible, which he, i would assume, wrote. haha

  5. TJOstrowski says:


  6. TJOstrowski says:

    He’s obviously meant to be the second coming of christ in these videos, therefore he has already died on it, according to christianity anyway.

  7. SynikaI says:

    To remember himself, of course!

  8. TheX137 says:

    lmao, I love how everybody made the sign of the cross when the guy in the Jesus costume performed those stunts

  9. sweetnawesome23 says:

    LOL! Please do some actual research for yourself brother. Seriously, you’re being manipulated by the one-eyed freaks in Saudi. Please find out for yourself, because you are being fed LIES by fake “scholars”, like Yusuf Estes, Khalid Yassin and Zakir Naik, among others.

  10. Kaylah White says:

    why not? ;p

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