I called a guy as Russell from the Bernie Sanders campaign and made him think that his son had used his credit card to make a huge donation. He was really ‘feeling the bern’ by the end of this ;D SUBMIT YOUR OWN PRANK REQUEST!

Hotel From Hell Prank –

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5 Responses to “Bernie Sanders Donation RAGE – Ownage Pranks”

  1. ramesh MetropleX says:

    wahahahaha Dude is prank is lit

  2. WingsOfBirds says:

    Are You Feeling The Burn?

  3. Marlfox70 says:

    Was his dad Samuel L Jackson?

  4. Hippo Reddy says:

    Awesome. I like these campaign prank videos. Your last video on Donald
    trump was hilarious too :D

  5. Jacob Fuchs says:

    theres a dollar chip- healer

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