Beans are delicious, be the side effects can be tough to hide in public… This girl farted so hard, you could have surfed on the wave it created!

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10 Responses to “Beans Make You FART”

  1. I am happy you guys do job like this. This makes people day happy and they
    gonna remember this their whole life! :)

  2. Brandon Chin says:

    super creative and hilarious prank! Fart pranks are the best! keep it

  3. Osama Al- Ahmad says:


  4. Omg dat ass!

  5. ROFL! Hahaha!
    1:14 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the orange title and thought it
    “Watch for more *GAS*”. ;D hahahaha!

    0:58 Haha. That lady couldn’t hold back the smile/laugh.

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