Two lone sperm are battling for supremacy in the fertilization game. Which one will succeed? G…

10 Responses to “Battling Sperm – aka Everything You Never Wanted to Know”

  1. TheIncredibleAce says:

    buy how do they know if you did buy the product or not cause of the ad?

  2. 0:46 she gonna be disappointed when she finds out it was a prank.

  3. Philip Fentress says:

    That was almost as weird as the old spice commercials.

  4. nice and creative :)

  5. sjake612 says:

    lol they should have had the second walk off with a hot chick

  6. HasH Khalaqi says:

    ok u tell me why would I lie ?! I said what my friend told me and I believe him and u mr angry I think u don’t have a brain if u believe this pranks is real, last thing when u talk to someone about something u see it wrong u have to be polite not a jerk ^^

  7. Chirpe Eprihc says:

    I will always prefer a banner ad over an unskippable ad inside the video. Doesn’t matter though. :l Extension that removes all of them.

  8. NizarJaber1992 says:

    a Gay* ahahhaahhaha

  9. CumulusSkies says:

    Ha! Too funny (is that possible?).
    The guy with glasses looks kind of like Ira Glass from “This American Life”.
    You pranksters have the best job in the world. I sure wish I lived in Quebec!!!

  10. mayleearnett says:


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