A little kid asks pedestrians to thow his baseball back to him, but just as they pitch it back…

10 Responses to “Baseball Breaks Glass – Just For Laughs Gags”

  1. TheX137 says:

    this is an old prank, it was on a JFL’s prank list

  2. jasmingivesvideos says:

    Do bloopers

  3. TheDreamGuy85 says:

    Guy in min 0:37-0:39 is sexy and has a nice chunky butt.

  4. SurferPlaysMinecraft says:


  5. CaptainZandre says:

    dude balls can CURVE IN MID AIR I APROVE OF THAT

  6. Canadians are just so nice.  Americans would run away or try to blame the driver.

  7. immortalk5 says:

    every clip is edited man don’t try to make sense of it!!
    look at 0:35 the ball was going to hit the red light but after that it went 1m to the left!!
    it’s all edited,they don’t show us what really happened
    but i really think it’s not fake based on the reaction of the people!!
    at least 90% of their pranks are not fake because sometimes i really doubt some of them!!
    we really can’t be sure if it’s real or they have really really good actors 🙂

  8. dodopoopinpoop says:

    If that happened to me I would have disappeared faster then that kid did.

  9. Daniel Paez says:

    The best one was the one that breaks the glass!

  10. immortalk5 says:

    man look closely, it was about to hit the red light!! it was 10-20cm away from the red light, the ball couldn’t go that far!!

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