The gorilla is not happy at all about the people who are innocently trying to win a prize by c…

10 Responses to “Barrel of Monkeys ALIVE!”

  1. Beni Daman says:

    is the monkey, prophet muhammad?

  2. HenryPF150 says:

    0:35 Look at her reaction

  3. Yasmine Laifa says:

    Am i now? Okay then, if that’s what you think. Your racist for being alive.

  4. Beni Daman says:

    you’re racist

  5. Go back to school and work on your grammar.

  6. Yasmine Laifa says:

    Ur racist, go and get a life instead of being rude to people.

  7. I have Black friends. If I were Black I would immediately see the connection between the two. That’s like making a bunch of White people stick their hands in a bucket of crackers and have a salty White person grab them.

  8. Beni Daman says:


  9. jasmingivesvideos says:

    I like the old people reactions

  10. PepperMan9000 says:

    No no man ;). he he kkk we are all a part of the nigger haters. Fuck the niggers thay suck dick anyway 😉 No for real i don’t like no nigger

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