I call a gas station as Buk Lau about my unsatisfactory visit to their nasty bathroom (partially a true story). I bring in Abdo when the middle-eastern emplo…

10 Responses to “Balls in The Toilet Prank”

  1. brian44scalabrineMVP says:


  2. GodfatherGaming1 says:

    Som Ting Wong We To Hi

  3. Harry Ford says:

    You have you a new subscriber

  4. Calvin Gaudette says:

    go fuck to you you stupid ass. harro?

  5. Darth Morlock says:

    Plz do more of your regular voice

  6. Ahmed Alowghani says:

    Shut racist arab guy dont say anything about arabs

  7. ellisthach27 says:

    Da da wader tot my boo sack XD…

  8. Your voice acting is AMAZING

  9. Jonny Nguyen says:

    Are you asian you are very god

  10. Ahmed Alowghani says:

    I mean shut up

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