A cute little girl loses her ball over a fence and asks people passing by to throw it back to …

10 Responses to “Ball Attack Prank – Just For Laughs Gags”

  1. LilMotegi says:


  2. YTsamNZ says:

    I like to bounce my balls too… lets all bounce our balls together.  If you haven’t got any balls ask a friend if they will let you bounce theirs.

  3. bieber feaver says:


  4. halobros1234 says:

    Hate the mythbusters ad! You cant skip it!

  5. Beni Daman says:

    im pretty sure the balls are prophet muhammad, so yeah..

  6. really?? i never seen it b4…

  7. maranatha5800 says:

    Mean so.

  8. crackgh ghazi says:

    no its 2pac ……u Stupid

  9. Lucas C says:

    this prank is very dangerous, if the ball hit someone’s head bye bye

  10. Anuk Arzum says:

    This is the exact prank Just for laughs did! I know it’s the same production but stop copying Just for laughs

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