People carry a rigged basket of golf balls up the stairs, and when the trap door opens, the ba…

10 Responses to “Bad Tripping on Balls!”

  1. Marlyn Gurro says:



  2. Temp0raryName says:

    Thumbs up if it was the woman’s expression on the thumbnail that brought´╗┐ you here!

  3. SwissPhil02 says:


  4. delphos1223 says:

    That dude’s a really good´╗┐ tripper.

  5. Alex Curle says:

    That’s so´╗┐ cool

  6. Lavesa MSA says:


  7. Christopher Reilly says:

    The title´╗┐ sounds wrong lol

  8. MouriAmr says:

    i think the only people who don’t watch´╗┐ JFL are canadians!!!

  9. Nguyen Thai Bao says:

    i love GAG

  10. Nossy02 says:

    It be funny if the channel is blocked in their country aha, But I think its a´╗┐ tv show over their too so I dont know why they are not recognized

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