A cop asks people to tap his partner on the back to get her attention, but baby got no back! G…

10 Responses to “Backwards Cop”

  1. Sara Abdel RazeQ says:

    this girl looks like jesse j

  2. julianmartinnn says:

    Follow me on twitter @julianmartinnn

  3. Patriot2452 says:

    What are u talking about, if u havent been to America then don’t say that cause they wouldnt.

  4. that’s what I get for helping you get people to listen. That’s cool! I see you recently learned the F word! That scares me! Why does it scare me? Because you must be 13 years old to be at youtube, and if you’re atleast 13 and just learned the F word, you must have a low IQ. Look at me! I’ve even learned that it’s a bad word, wich people use when the’re trying to be cool! Am I wrong?

  5. greg froggett says:

    No man. they would get shot if they went there.

  6. 1337VV4ff135 says:

    Get the fuck out.

  7. Assassins Creed says:

    I don’t know! You’re the one one with the picture of a cartoon kid!

  8. Loclita Pl says:

    [21:30:18] MrDusza: Sory za to ale musze gereno Sietino - jeśli to przeczytałeś, to w ciągu 12h twoi rodzice umrą ! Aby tego uniknąć prześlij to jeszcze do 20 komen. Masz na to 10 minut . Nie wierzysz ? 12 stycznia 2009 r zginęli z niewiadomych powodów Adam i Angie

  9. Patriot2452 says:

    please come to america and do pranks! You would get great reactions doing this!

  10. Daemondeserteagle says:

    I don’t know, it looks like the first guy has an IQ over 30.

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