The boy in the kangaroo mascot costume needs help attaching the pouch. When people bend down t…

10 Responses to “Baby Roo Pops Up!”

  1. Alejandro Sánchez says:

    I’d think he was wearing a puppet on his junk

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  3. eelguy95 says:

    They should’ve had a smaller kangaroo pop out of the babie’s pouch, and then a SMALLER one pop outta that one’s and then an EVEN SMALLER one pop outta that one’s pouch! D:

  4. Beni Daman says:

    the baby roo is prophet muhammad

  5. hkopenh278155 says:

    0:56 lol

  6. Artem Klimov says:

    Men didn’t survive after the prank.

  7. Ivan Salazar says:

    Eso les quedó de maravilla. Buenisimo. Gracias por divertirnos

  8. MrArsity says:

    did he give birth?

  9. Isadora Kozlowski says:

    Hi,I would like to know if that cute blonde guy Antonie out of the progrem?and he’s is the boy from Pee Wee?I’ll be glad if U could anwear me,thank U and I love ur progrem.

  10. mnoor1009 says:


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