While we were away in Australia I safely planned out to gain possession of 3 snakes with the intent to scare Jesse. We were on a vacation tour which had a vi…


  1. Terry Thomas says:

    Remember sometimes Jesse used to throw bugs at you? I feel you should just
    lay a snake on him instead of waving it in front of him…

  2. JayRTGGamer says:

    Jeana’s Weak Point: Bugs
    Jesse’s Weak Point: Snakes
    What a lovely couple

  3. MikeySeedot says:

    They should go on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! >D

  4. PrankvsPrank says:
  5. PrankvsPrank says:

    Team Jesse or Team Jeana?????

  6. Tee Mac Morgan says:

    How is she scared of bugs but can hold a big ass snake??? Lol

  7. Scarletsnow says:

    omg you both should be on a show called Panic because you both would be
    perfect to try to face your own fears :)

  8. PIERCED6966 says:

    Paybacks a bitch but i did enjoy Jeana’s reaction more, she should do the
    100 meters sprint!

  9. you’re scared of little bugs but your holding a snake, da fuck

  10. LOL Louis was on there

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