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10 Responses to “Asking Guy Where My Stuff Is (BigDawsTv)”

  1. t- KUNIK says:

    Ok for half of the video i thought that the blue tin roof was the sky.

  2. iamthereaImaster says:

    lol “lol “smoking too much weed” lol “rehab”” lol

  3. kizzle1760 says:


  4. Mathew Lake says:


  5. Bregowald says:

    lol “smoking too much weed” lol “rehab”

  6. Mao Junior says:

    NO problem, brother!! Thanks for all the great vids!

  7. bobberman09 says:

    lol when you ask them to watch it you should ask if they’re sure they could watch it, important stuff is in there. And when you ask them where it went and stuff, tell them “i thought you were capable of watching it, you could’ve said no if you couldn’t watch it”. and tell them that there was a 100,000 dollars in there.

  8. umair236 says:

    This is Lettuce man pure Lettuce.

  9. BigDawsTv says:

    he will soon man! thanks for all the great comments:)

  10. Thats1epicguy says:

    The old guy is a real douche

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