I called a grumpy Asian restaurant as Buk Lau and ultimately tried to get a steep discount on my phone order. I had to bring in ‘Tyrone’ and ‘Russell’ when t…

10 Responses to “Asian Restaurant Discount Prank”

  1. emirates111 says:

    you shouldve been aborted

  2. chillztah says:

    like a sum boe dee yes mam!

  3. nicolesamsonite says:

    No, he, like, totally, like, forgot our, like, anniversary…like…..just playing 😛

  4. linerentalscouk says:

    Hello can i order won Cuwie chip woll pllease?

  5. bobwayne100 says:

    Is a frank

  6. nyscout says:

    disliked bitch

  7. sfakasswannabe says:

    He went offline without saying bye?

  8. isaacswagger1 says:

    hahahahaha love dis :)

  9. linerentalscouk says:

    Chow :)

  10. nicolesamsonite says:

    omg dude, you’ve brightened my day after having a huge fight with my bf

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