I call as ‘Buk Lau’ to a psychic/con-artist who thinks I paid her $400 for the most bogus advice ever. Don’t forget to Like and share the video if you enjoy …

11 Responses to “Asian Calls a Psychic Prank”

  1. Yusuf Zine says:

    This is my favorite prank call.

  2. averumsson says:

    4:48 I see what you did there….

  3. Koenigsbomber says:

    I gotta admit, pretty cool reply.

  4. Jonathan Ramos says:

    My dude ownage keep exposin these foo’s lol I luv it..much respect…

  5. georgeyboyboy says:

    bong bong bong bong bong

  6. sfakasswannabe says:

    Put it in your vagina. Well, you can put it on, not in. Or your butthole, who cares.

  7. Tong Zhi says:

    Does anyone know where we can call this woman? I can do quite a few accents convincingly and not just Asian ones. Heren seems like she must be loads of fun to fuck with.

  8. Nadyah Pierre louis says:


  9. 3Ruckster says:

    What a scamming bitch! 

  10. aaaaammmmmyyyyyy says:

    Lmaoooooo! Physics are BULLSHIT

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